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I’ve read on the internet that once you have mold, you can never truly get rid of it. What is your stance on that?

There are many schools of thought on mold and conflicting information found on the subject. My thought process is simple. If you have mold, there is an underlying cause that allows for growth to occur. The objective of any remediation protocol is to eliminate the mold source that is causing you and your family grief and then begin the repairs necessary to ensure that the mold will not grow back.

For example, if you have mold in your basement due to water seepage, you’ll need a company that will come up with a strategy to eliminate the water and moisture conditions that caused the mold to grow in the first place. Without that important step, the mold can certainly grow back. That is why they should not only eliminate the mold sources but consult on the repairs necessary to ensure optimal conditions to prevent mold from reoccurring. From there, they can work on eradicating the contamination within the space.

That’s why you need a qualified mold inspector to determine what these sources are as well as a qualified remediation team who is equipped to handle the issue properly. A solid mold inspection should provide a comprehensive snapshot of the state of your home that a remediation company can use as the roadmap needed for a treatment protocol.

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The remediation team you choose should likewise understand the importance of creating a safe indoor environment and have proven experience with helping create safe spaces that allow healing. Any remediation team with these goals in place should always create a protocol based on three pillars for success. 

These three pillars are: 

  1. Remove the sources 
  2. Resolve the problems that led to the mold growth in the first place 
  3. Eliminate all contamination from the space, including other particles such as mycotoxins.

If any of these boxes aren’t checked, you and your family could continue to suffer. For instance, contaminants left behind can lead to prolonged exposure and any sources not resolved can allow the mold growth to come right back. All of these scenarios result in a toxic indoor environment. 

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Important Note: There will always be a low level of mold spores in your home. These tiny particles can zip right through the front door, catch a ride on clothing, or be tracked in pet fur. A few here and there isn’t a problem. Deep cleaning often can help ensure these particles don’t build up. The issue occurs when a spore is given the resources needed to develop into a colony. That is why moisture management is so important.

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