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Michael has helped over 1000 families heal from toxic mold exposure, and guess what? He’s just getting started. He believes we can change our lives — and the world — by changing the air we breathe, and has dedicated himself to helping you optimize your life by overcoming poor air quality and creating a safer, mold-free environment.  Dive in to find out how he got involved with this silent killer, and what inspires him to raise awareness about toxic mold exposure.

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Let’s talk about
the M word.

Mold. The connection between toxins in the air and people getting sick has never been more clear. Whether you’re here to figure out if you have a mold problem, or simply want to ensure you’re breathing clean air, you’ve come to the right place.

Mold can sneak up on anyone, in any home, and at any time, and one thing is clear — it’s an obvious environmental trigger for health issues that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Given the long list of adverse reactions to short and long-term mold exposure, determining if your space has been colonized is the first step towards a healthier home environment.

That’s where I come in, and can help you on your journey to wellness!

Want to see if you’re dealing with mold?


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Author and wellness expert Michael Rubino is a man on a
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Tune into Never Been Sicker — a podcast series where he
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