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Is it possible to detox while living in mold?

The short answer is: not completely. 

It’s almost impossible to fully recover while you’re continuing to live in a toxic environment. As long as you’re in that indoor space, you’re being reintroduced to the contaminants that were causing the symptoms in the first place. With every breath you take or surface you touch, more of these microscopic particles are making their way into your body, increasing that toxic load you’re working so hard to detox and reduce. 

So, in a nutshell, although the detox protocol may make you feel better while living in this toxic environment, you’ll never be able to fully heal because those particles are entering your body while you’re trying to actively get rid of them. 

The first and best step to healing is to remove yourself from the situation and allow your body the chance to rest and heal. Once you’re away from the area, remediation can begin to remove the contaminants and provide a healthy living space for you and your family. That way, when you return, you’re not being bombarded with contaminants every time you walk into your home. 

You can check out these podcast episodes on Mold Talks to hear stories of individuals who have suffered through mold exposure and realized the importance of leaving the toxic environment they were living or working in. 

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