Why A Mold Expert Wants You To *Stop* Using Bleach Immediately

Michael Rubino

February 13

Bleach fails to support indoor air quality and is not a product that can effectively tackle contaminants like mold. Here's why. you should skip using it in your home

For a long time, bleach was a go-to product for many household chores, from sanitizing surfaces and removing stains to brightening clothes and cleaning kids' toys. These days, we're waking up to the risks of this harsh cleansing tool.

Bleach harms indoor air quality1, and it's probably not even as effective at cleaning as you think. Contrary to popular belief, bleach does not properly handle microbial growth in a home. Instead, it can allow contamination to continue to exist, leading to unwanted exposures.

I'm a mold remediation expert, and here are four good reasons to opt for a bleach alternative:

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