What’s the Difference Between Mildew and Mold?

Michael Rubino

August 21

Chances are that the majority of us have heard someone say, "That’s just some mildew. It’s no big deal. Just throw some bleach on it, and you’re good to go." While it comes from a place of good intentions, it is unfortunately not correct. 

Cleaning your home isn’t just about keeping up appearances or reducing stress — some chores also promote health and safety. Lack of hygiene in your space can actually be harmful to your well-being. Take mold and mildew, for example. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold exposure can cause bothersome allergy symptoms or even reap negative effects on long-term health. Common as mold growth is around the home, it’s important to clean it and prevent it from spreading. Here’s how to clean mold and mildew.

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