Understanding Houston Renters’ Rights When Mold Grows In Their Apartments

Michael Rubino

July 30

Michael Rubino was the featured expert on Fox 26 Houston to discuss the dangers of living with mold while renting an apartment. 

During the segment, Michael discussed the effects mold exposure can have on an individual's health, ranging from coughing sniffles to the onset of a cold that never quite seems to go away. Most of the problems with mold, Michael said, is that it can begin growing and thriving in a home unknowingly to those living inside. An open window, for example, can allow enough moisture in for mold to begin growing behind the walls. 

Renting a moldy home can be particularly difficult to deal with. Not only do the residents have to fight the mold exposure, but they also have to work with the landlords to solve the issue. The Fox News reporters detail what steps renters can take if they discover mold in their residence.