These 5 Appliances Are Hotspots For Mold: How To Keep Them Clean

Michael Rubino

April 17

The washing machine, refrigerator, and dishwasher can become hotspots for microbial growth. Here are tips to keeping them clean and supporting your health.

Appliances are a key part of any household but unfortunately, they're also hot spots for mold. Taking a few simple steps to prevent microbial growth in your appliances can help you enjoy their benefits without any unhealthy exposures. Because no one wants to drink coffee with a hint of mold or breathe in air that’s packed full of microscopic particles.


When a mold colony develops, it reproduces by releasing microscopic particles called spores into the surrounding area. Think of them like the fluffy white seeds of a dandelion. Thanks to their small size, these spores can zip all over the place, including in our homes.

Like seeds, mold spores are non-living particles and will remain unalive until they land on a surface with the right components for growth. Most species of mold only need two key elements to begin growing: food and moisture. A key detail to remember is that if these two things are present for 24–48 hours, some species of mold can begin to grow. That’s why time is of the essence when it comes to mold prevention.

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