The Dirty Little Secret That May Be Hiding in Your Washing Machine

Michael Rubino

May 4

Much like your dishwasher, you likely don’t think of cleaning your washing machine very often. Unfortunately, this appliance may hold onto tons of bacteria that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your clothes. The List spoke with Michael Rubino, mold expert, president of HomeCleanse and author of The Mold Medic: An Expert’s Guide on Mold Removal about how to best take care of your washing machine and keep the space clean.

Rubino explains that most washing machines contain mold that can cause a breathing hazard and even leach into your clothes. “You may be thinking to yourself, it’s just unsightly mold. The reality is that it’s much more than that and can also transfer mold to your ‘clean’ clothes.”


As for how it can affect your health, he says, “Mold mainly enters our body through breathing it in due to a contamination going on indoors, however, it can also enter the body through our skin, making it important to keep our clothes clean and free of mold.”

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