The 8 Best Air Purifiers for Dust

Michael Rubino

November 7

Contaminants settle within our dust and then circulate throughout the air when disturbed. Choose an air purifier that effectively eliminates these particles to promote healthy indoor air quality.

We'll be honest, dusting can be one of the most futile household chores. After a solid swipe session with a cloth or spray, it often only takes a few days before that pesky dust finds its way right back to your surfaces—which is especially frustrating and disruptive if you're allergic to these particles. The best air purifiers help to remove allergens and pollutants so that they're not circulating through our indoor spaces and sneaking their way into our bodies.

After all, research shows that dust and other indoor air pollutants can be harmful to our respiratory health1. It can also exacerbate symptoms of sneezing and wheezing, as well as conditions like asthma. Adding an air purifier for dust to your space is a great way to eliminate this pesky health concern—and we've already spoken with experts to help you find the best device to bust some dust.

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