The 5 Best Air Purifiers to Rid Your Home of Pollutants and Allergens

Michael Rubino

July 21

An air purifier can help remove harmful contaminants from the air so that you can breathe easier. Not all air purifiers can eliminate contaminants, though. Choose a machine that will actually improve your air, not recirculate contaminants. 

We already know that breathing in outdoor pollution adversely affects our health—but the same can be true of the air we regularly breathe inside of our homes, too. "On average, we breathe 20,000 breaths a day, and most of those inhalations are taken indoors," says Michael Rubino, president of HomeCleanse and founder of Change the Air Foundation. "What's in our air matters. If it's filled with particles like mold spores, mycotoxins, pollen, viruses, or bacteria, that can directly impact our health."

Enter air purifiers, which can help eradicate the microscopic pollutants that may be floating around your house before they ever enter your body. If you're questioning whether or not you should invest in a machine, Allen Rathey, director of the Indoor Health Council, points to a few pros. "If it enhances or protects the health of people indoors, removes contaminants of concern faster than the rate of recontamination, and does so affordably and without adding to unhealthy conditions such as excess noise," then an air purifier can positively impact your health and environment, he says.

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