The 10 Best Furnace Filters of 2022

Michael Rubino

November 21

Furnace filters are a huge aspect of promoting healthy indoor air quality. The key is to choose a filter that will actually eliminate contaminants from the air so that they don't just circulate straight back into the indoor environment.

For the sake of air quality and to keep your HVAC ductwork clean, you should install a home furnace filter. The filter can capture dust, dirt, pollen, and dander particles that would otherwise flow through your HVAC system and circulate in the air inside your home.

With the exception of permanent filter furnaces, you need to regularly replace the filter. Michael Rubino, a mold and air quality expert and founder of the non-profit organization HomeCleanse, points out that factors such as the home’s location, the age of the HVAC system, and the state of the air quality can influence how often air filters need to be replaced.

"A few signs to look out for," Michael says, "include discoloration of the filter, odd odors, higher electricity bills, a decrease in airflow, or dust around the vents or condenser coils. Chronic health issues can also point to poor indoor air quality."

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