Tackling Mold After Moving Back to the US, Interview with Valerie Bowden

Michael Rubino

June 5

Join us as we dive into Valerie Bowden's fascinating journey from backpacking across Africa to tackling mold issues in her new home in the USA. Discover how her experiences living in Ethiopia shaped her perspective on health and community. Learn essential tips for preventing mold and maintaining a healthy home. Valerie also shares insights into her company, Cradle, which connects African professionals with remote jobs in the US, promoting fair wages and job creation.

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00:00 - Solo backpacking across Africa
00:19 - Living in Ethiopia for eight years
01:40 - Travel challenges and life lessons
03:01 - Ethiopian culture and healthy food
07:34 - Adjusting to the American diet
08:21 - Buying a fixer-upper and mold issues
08:51 - Importance of mold testing
10:47 - Maintaining air quality at home
18:29 - Preventing water damage and mold
22:47 - Misconceptions about air quality in the US
25:06 - crdle.com: Connecting African professionals with US jobs
29:14 - Fair wages and job creation in Africa
35:48 - Importance of community and ethical business
40:03 - Using business for sustainable impact

Valerie Bowden helps you find top-tier remote talent for your business. This includes cold callers, appointment setters, customer service reps, and the best Virtual Assistants you have ever hired! She does this by tapping into African countries, an area that is underrepresented and vastly underestimated in its talent, pricing, and reliability. Her advice on Africa has been featured in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, BBC, and PBS. She spent 8 years living in Ethiopia, and before that, backpacked across Africa by herself. She is on a mission to help the world. "Choose Africa: The #1 Remote Talent Market in the World."

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