Professional cleaners say we’re dusting all wrong – 6 common mistakes making our homes dirtier

Michael Rubino

March 25

Dusting is a phenomenal way to improve our indoor air quality and environments. Don't waste time making these mistakes, though, or your don't reap all of those health benefits.

Dusting is one of those never-ending jobs that we certainly don't want to make any more time-consuming than needed. We've all heard the classic 'top to bottom' rule, but there are numerous other ways to make our cleaning routines more efficient, leaving us with more time to put our feet up. 

On the flipside, there are some time-wasting errors to steer clear of when it comes to getting rid of dust and reducing the dust in our homes, according to pro cleaners. 

The tools you use and the levels of clutter in your space both have a big impact, as well as knowing how and how often to vacuum your home.

Keeping on top of dusting makes our homes look and feel better, but most importantly, it improves the air quality in your home, reducing the number of particles entering the body every time someone inhales. 


The most common dusting mistakes inevitably make your home unnecessarily dusty, which is never good. "The more dust there is on a surface, the more contaminants there are," says air quality and mould expert Michael Rubino. "Microscopic particles like mould spores, bacteria, mycotoxins, pollen, and more settle within our dust."

Below, we have rounded up some common dusting mistakes and what to do instead whether you're deep cleaning your home or doing the weekly chores.

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