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Michael Rubino

November 3

Today’s Mold Talks Guest is Kara McNabb, a traditional naturopath and somatic therapist. A strong-willed individual at heart, Kara dealt with her symptoms for quite some time before finally finding the answers to her persistent health symptoms. After solving her health puzzle on her own, she’s actively taking steps to both detox her body and remove the mold contamination from her home. 

Choosing to look on the bright side, Kara is grateful to finally find the cause to her health issues. Armed with a new awareness of mold exposure and its byproducts, she’s using her experience to help her clients suffering from similar experiences.

Our chat today discusses Kara's unique experience with mold exposure, the toll it had on her health, and how it impacted her life. She also touches on various mold awareness issues she's noticed during her experiences and the importance of doing what you can, when you can. 

Kara McNabb

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Choosing to look at the positive side, Kara explains that she had the “somewhat unfortunate” experience of living through mold exposure. 

“I say somewhat unfortunate because, on one hand, it was really expensive. It was hugely stressful and it pretty significantly impacted my health. The somewhat comes in from a place of what I do for work.”

She’s now able to use her experience and newfound knowledge of mold and mycotoxin toxicity to help her clients who are struggling with similar experiences. Before her personal exposure tale, she wouldn't have considered mold while creating her client's personalized plans.

Kara’s mold story began a few years ago when she started experiencing over 40 persistent physical and psychological symptoms that didn’t add up with how she actively cares of her own body and mental state. 

“I couldn't fix myself, and I can always fix myself.” 

These symptoms ramped up drastically during the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown, causing her to look more critically at what was causing her to feel so unwell. Why, for instance, was her arm going numb after sitting on her couch for 30 seconds? 

Serendipitously, she discovered the cause for her ongoing symptoms from a seemingly odd group suggestion on her Facebook profile. The random group that changed her life? CIRS and Mold Illness. At first she wasn't sure what this condition was, so she dove into the research. 

“I started looking it up and was shocked at all these symptoms that I was reading that pretty much matched what I was going through. And so, that started to really affirm that I probably have a mold issue in my house that I had been ignoring.”

Looking back, Kara predicts that there was more than likely a mold issue in the house when she bought it initially, but the six or seven random and unfortunate water events since that time definitely didn’t help. Over the years, she went through trial and error in creating better air quality and reducing potential contamination in her home, even hiring a remediation team. Because it was a subject she wasn’t well-versed in, she continued to not get the  results she kept hoping for. During our chat, Kara pointed out the large gap in mold awareness, proper removal, and preventive suggestions she experienced from professionals who came to fix these issues in her home. 

She began taking steps to assess the level of mold in her house and was planning on hiring a mold inspector when she was able, but a final massive water event pushed her towards immediately hiring someone to test for mold. Which they found quite a lot of and sparked another remediation project.      

Her journey to recovery is ongoing and began when she moved out of her home during the remediation and construction to fix the last water leak problem in her kitchen. Now she’s taking the steps she can when she can to detox her body and remove the mold presence in her home. 

“It seems like a lot of people have an all or nothing mentality. Like move out of your house, throw everything away… You have to do everything. And while that’s probably the best approach, it’s probably not practical for many people.”

Part of her healing experience involved acknowledging that she couldn’t do everything immediately to decontaminate her home, so instead, she’s focusing on creating a plan of attack. This shift in thought has helped decrease her stress about the entire situation and allow her to just focus on getting as healthy as possible. 

For others going through similar situations, Kara suggests not ignoring the problem and wishing it away. 

“Don’t be avoidant. Take action because just a little bit of action is going to feel so good.” 

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