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The Truth About Mold in the Home

During the episode, Michael shares his expert knowledge on topics such as promoting indoor air

Sure Signs Your Home Has Dust Mites (Yikes) & How To Get Rid Of Them

Dust mites are a no-no for our indoor air quality and home health. Here's why

How to identify the most common types of household mold (and get rid of them)

There are over 100,000 species of mold identified so far. Here are some common ones

Featured Appearances

Protect Your Loved Ones: Unlocking the Secrets of Mold in Your Household Dust
February 14, 2024

On this episode of Dr. Sarah's podcast, Michael discusses the M word which is mold. Many chronic symptoms that families

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#1 Toxin Lurking In Your Home Causing Brain Damage & Disease – Spot This Before It’s Too Late
February 14, 2024

While chatting with Dhru, Michael shares his expert knowledge on a wide range of topics including  the top three actions

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DIY Mold Inspection and New Construction Part
February 8, 2024

Michael discusses do-it-yourself mold inspection, important things to watch out for with new construction, common places mold is found in

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Mold Resources

How do you test a home for mold?

The best way to test for mold is to hire a qualified mold inspector. There are at-home tests you can complete

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Is there a way to self-test a home for mold?

There are ways to self-test to see if there is mold in your indoor environment, but these methods won’t tell

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Can you recommend a mold inspector in my area?

I’ve collaborated with many mold inspectors over the years and know firsthand that not all mold inspectors are built the

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EP. 6 / Never been sicker

23 Feb 2024

Author and wellness expert Michael Rabino is a man on a
mission. Described as a modern day explorer in the new frontier of holistic health, he wants to get to the bottom of what’s making us sick, and help us take charge of what is in each of the 20,000 breaths we take every day.


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