Michael Rubino: Poor Indoor Health Quality – The New Frontier Of Holistic Health

Michael Rubino

April 16

On this episode of Neff Inspiration, Michael how greatly indoor air quality can impact health and how poor air quality has become a worldwide epidemic. From sharing how he became aware of this health factor to his experience in the remediation industry, Michael touches on a wide range of topics.

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Dr Stephan Neff:

Dr Stephan Neff is passionate about demystifying mental health problems and helping the people around him live a life so full of joy that yesterday is jealous of today. Born in Germany, Stephan has studied medicine at the prestigious Heidelberg University before travelling and working around the globe. Nowadays he has settled down as an anaesthetist in beautiful New Zealand and has become a bestselling author and advocate for mental health and addiction. 

He is uniquely qualified in this role. After all, a lifetime of trauma led Stephan to drown his sorrows, only to find that the critters can swim. As an alcoholic in recovery, he has experienced addiction and mental health problems first-hand. After successful rehabilitation, Stephan is now an expert in living a life so fantastic, that alcohol has simply no role to play. He shares this passion through his podcast, YouTube channel, and other social media (all titled "My Steps to Sobriety").

In his book "My steps to Sobriety" he shares the lessons he has learned as a doctor and as a man. And the truth is simple - The past does not equal the future. Every alcoholic can turn his life around, one little decision at a time. This book shows how to do it.

About Michael Rubino
Michael Rubino is the authority on mold remediation. As Founder and Chairman of HomeCleanse, Rubino specializes in working with people who are immunocompromised or have acute and sustained reactions to mold exposure. Rubino provides solutions that not only get rid of mold sources but also get rid of the contamination created by those mold sources using his proprietary “Home Detox” method. He is a council-certified Mold Remediator by IICRC and ACAC and a contributing member, sponsor, and speaker for the Indoor Air Quality Association.