Making a Positive Impact

Michael Rubino

February 23

Today’s Mold Talks Experts guest is Vinny Lobdell, an American entrepreneur, businessman, awareness advocate, and philanthropist. He is the founder and past president of HealthWay and Intellipure Inc., the global president of Pure Wellness, and the owner of the Kallet Theater. He’s a passionate individual who is pushing towards bettering the world through improved air quality and a safer space for people with mental health issues.

Vince Lobdell started his journey of searching, developing, and perfecting air purification systems in 1981. He tested every technology, from UV to HEPA. In 2010, through a United States Military grant, he developed HealthWay’s patented DFS Technology. 

Developing a passion for and expertise in Indoor Air Quality over the past two decades, Lobdell has traveled to fifty countries, speaking to industry leaders, governments, and medical professionals on air pollution and the harmful effects of occupying the built environments.

As the head of Heathway, Vinny expanded the company exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic and sold it to a private equity firm for an undisclosed amount in 2019. The family still maintains a minority stake in the company. Lobdell took on a leadership role as President at HealthWay Family of Brands in 2008, after which the company was named to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. In 2017, Lobdell co-founded Intellipure, a B2C brand emphasizing customer experience through handcrafted, high-efficiency, and individually certified air cleaning systems.

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In this episode: 

0:45: Vinny explains how and why he created HealthWay, a company dedicated to providing air purification solutions, and details the products they provide. "Our goal at Healthway was to provide real solutions to the number one health epidemic of our time: air quality… Every building with a door needed what we had, it was just getting people to understand that."

4:45: Vinny details the driving factors behind the success of the companies he and his father have created. "If we’re not making a positive impact, we’re wasting our time."

6:00: Vinny shares why he’s so passionate about giving back and supporting foundations that work to improve mental health for struggling people. "We wanted to memorialize my brother and celebrate my mom’s perseverance and all that she’s done to keep our family together."

9:30: Vinny shares his thoughts on the stigma behind mental health. He provides suggestions on how to address this problem and provides support for those who require it. "What you find with mental illness is that there is no discrimination… It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have. It touches all of our lives in one way or another."

12:30: Vinny provides his insights on the current state of mental health and what needs to change to create a healthier space. "I think we need to educate at a much younger age that it’s okay to talk about problems… We put too much stress on our youth."

15:45: Vinny describes his thoughts on how to invest in helping those struggling with poor mental health and the need for more research. 

17:00: Vinny shares how others can help push this movement forward to help those who are suffering from mental health issues. "As a culture and as a society, we have to focus on being kinder."

19:30: Vinny explains his next steps for the future and the opportunities he’s excited to embark on.