It’s official: This is how often you should be cleaning your coffee maker

Michael Rubino

March 24

Coffee makers can bring us happiness and deliciousness in a cup, but they can also be packed full of all sorts of nasty. To avoid sipping on a toxic cup of Joe, make sure to clean your machine correctly and regularly. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always more concerned about getting a cup of coffee in the morning than about anything else. Honestly, I’m not usually awake enough to even think about cleaning my coffee machine(opens in new tab) when I’m cradling that first cup of goodness.

I just have a small espresso machine and a French press. They’re all I have room for in my tiny kitchen(opens in new tab), TBH. Truthfully, during the day I don’t spend a lot of time cleaning them, apart from rinsing out the press and giving the espresso machine a wipe-down.

When I do finally get around to deep cleaning, I usually don’t think about the days or weeks that have gone by. But — spoiler alert — it’s real important to keep track of how often you clean your coffee machine and to clean it as frequently as it needs it.

Here’s why you should be cleaning yours and how often you should be doing it…

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