Is mold hiding in your washer? How to fix & prevent it

Michael Rubino

April 20

Is there mold in your washing machine? It’s worthwhile to check because it can make you and your family sick. It can also mean your clothes aren’t getting fully clean.

Much like your dishwasher, you likely don’t think of cleaning your washing machine very often. But your washer may hold on to tons of bacteria that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your clothes or circulating in your indoor air.

How to Check for Mold in Your Washing Machine

Checking for mold involves the use of the senses. 

First, give the machine a visual inspection. Grab a flashlight and check every nook and cranny inside and outside of the machine. This should cover areas such as rubber seals, the inside of the drum, the soap dispenser, and the door. 

Sometimes mold can be growing inside of the machine, either in a hidden area like the drainage pipe or because it’s early on in the mold’s lifecycle and the colony isn’t visible yet. In instances like this, smell around and inside of the machine. A musty, earthy, damp smell can indicate a problem.

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