Is It Spring Allergies or Mold?

Michael Rubino

May 21

The thing about mold  is that those chronic symptoms won’t go away unless the underlying root cause is eliminated and exposure stops. Once this is tackled, the body will get to relax and heal. It's important to consider whether those symptoms are seasonal or caused by chronic exposure. 

Sneezing, coughing, and rubbing your eyes? The pollen count is high and many of us are suffering with full-blown allergy symptoms. However, those symptoms could actually be a sign that you have mold in your home.

During this time of year, warmer weather and damper conditions cause dormant mold spores to reactivate. This can trigger an immune system response — making it all the more difficult to distinguish between your spring allergies and mold reactions. Thankfully, air quality expert Michael Rubino shared with us six symptoms that might be caused by mold in your home, and not pollen outside.

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