How to clean a humidifier without vinegar, according to air quality pros

Michael Rubino

November 28

When used properly, humidifiers can add moisture to your indoor air and avoid issues that occur when the air is too dry. Just make sure to clean them properly to avoid adding particles that will lower the indoor air quality.

Sometimes, having our heating on in winter can cause the air in our homes to dry out, making us feel congested and leaving our skin dehydrated – which is where a humidifier comes in. Of course, keeping your humidifier clean is key if you want to keep it functioning as it should, and in turn maintaining good air quality.

For this particular home maintenance task, you may want to avoid cleaning with vinegar because, according to HVAC professional Josh Mitchell, it could harm the internal components of the humidifier, and because of the strong smell that can linger and be dispersed into the air, which may not be all too pleasant. 

Plus, as air quality pro Michael Rubino points out, some humidifiers have rubber, plastic, and metal parts that could be adversely affected by the acidity of the vinegar. 

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