How to check for mold in your house – 6 common places that you must check regularly

Michael Rubino

January 25

The sooner mold is discovered in a home, the faster steps can be taken to resolve the issue. This limits exposure for those inside, as well as reduces the number of particles the source can create and release into the indoor space. 

Scrubbing mold off walls and surfaces is one household job that nobody wants on their to-do list. While we can get to work with bleach and white vinegar and other remedies to get rid of black mold, really we want to be able to spot it before it takes hold, when a simple swipe with a soapy cloth can remove it in a flash.

'Mold thrives where there’s moisture. In fact, some species can begin growing within 24-48 hours, provided there's a source of wetness and organic matter. So basically, where there's moisture there’s an opportunity for mold,' explains Michael Rubino, a toxic mold expert and founder of HomeCleanse(opens in new tab).

Mold can grow in surprising places, as well as more expected moisture-prone spots, so you'll need to check all over your home for outbreaks. The best bet is to channel your inner 'damp detective' and patrol troublespots, take photos of the evidence, and take effective remedial to fix the problem.

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