How Often Should You Clean Your Shower Curtain?

Michael Rubino

March 15

Everyone has probably dealt with a moldy shower curtain and one point or another. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to ensure that your shower curtain does not get bogged down with contaminants like mold and bacteria. 

Some household chores are essential no matter how much we dread them, like cleaning the bathroom. And while we're quick to scrub bathtubs and toilet bowls as they're obvious culprits for hosting scum and grime, we tend to overlook other bathroom accessories that more sneakily attract mold and bacteria, like the shower curtain. We asked experts for advice on how often we should treat our shower curtains and liners to a good clean, and they delivered with plenty of tips on when and how to clean them—plus a scientific explanation of why it's so important.


Cleaning experts agree that washing your shower curtain once a month is necessary in order to reduce mold and bacteria from thriving in a humid environment. “If the bathroom is used frequently or remains humid for long periods, the more often it’s cleaned, the better,” explains Michael Rubino, a mold and air quality expert and founder of HomeCleanse. “This will help reduce the opportunity for microbial growth [because] the more moisture that is present, the higher the chance for contamination to develop.”

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