How Mold in Breast Implants Can Impact Health

Michael Rubino

May 18

Today’s podcast guest is Tammy Dean, a realtor, breast implant illness survivor, and awareness advocate. During this eye-opening interview, Tammy shines a light on a little-discussed issue a growing number of individuals are beginning to face: breast implant illness caused by mold. It took decades of chronic symptoms before she was finally able to determine that toxins slowly leaching into her body were the root cause of her health issues.

Like many dealing with exposures to contaminants like mold, Tammy was forced to become her own personal health advocate to determine what was causing her body to sound the alarm that something wasn’t right. During this ongoing quest, she continued to battle chronic symptoms ranging from fatigue and hypersensitivity to a litany of skin issues. Then, after finding a doctor who would listen and work with her, she was forced to make the difficult decision to have explant surgery. "It takes a lot of courage for a woman to say, ‘I have breast plant illness,’ and then make the decision to remove them. Because the people around her will view her differently."

Now, Tammy is working on her healing journey and detoxing the toxins from her body. As she explains, it’s been a long journey, but she’s so thankful to be feeling better already. Choosing to look at the positives, Tammy shares how this experience changed her life and showed her the power of finding a supportive and encouraging community of individuals. She’s now focusing on helping others going through similar situations and advocating for greater awareness about this growing issue so that others do not suffer as she did.

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1:00: Tammy describes her experience that led to her awareness of mold exposure and the impact it has on health. After getting breast implants 30 years ago, her health slowly began to take a drastic downward turn. It took her years before she found a doctor who would listen to her and work on figuring out what was going wrong with her body. "It was not a journey that was a quick one. Nothing’s worse than having a practitioner that you trust tell you that it’s all on your head."

4:00: Tammy begins to touch on her healing journey and the struggles she’s faced. "To say it’s been easy is putting it nicely…"

4:45: Tammy details the process of removing the breast implants that contained mold. She also explains the proper way to successfully deal with this issue.

7:30: Tammy explains that, as a real estate agent, she’s now familiar with what it feels like to walk into a building that has a current mold problem. "Now when I walk into properties, I will know when there’s mold in the house. I’m hypersensitive... I feel like I’m allergic to it."

10:30: Tammy shares how difficult the "die-off" part of detoxing was and the steps she’s been taking to flush her body of toxins. "I felt exhausted. I was fatigued all day. I really felt like I had the flu."

13:15: Tammy explains her experience finding others who are going through the same situation and how it helped her get through the entire process. She goes through some of the research she’s performed and what she’s learned about the implant industry. "The community of breast implant illness women is vast. It’s more than the common person thinks." Many individuals have also told Tammy that while they believe they are suffering from a similar issue, there are a variety of problems standing in the way of them getting treatment.

20:00: Tammy shares how she found that it’s not just environmental; she found that food can also be a source of exposure.

22:45: Tammy suggests that individuals steer clear of implants completely to avoid this harmful situation. "There are other, far safer methods to rectify the notion that, ‘Well I have to have something,’ because that’s what society tells us we should."

28:00: Tammy touches on how she wishes she would have gotten the explant surgery sooner so that she wasn’t dealing with her litany of symptoms for so long. At one point, she even developed a sensitivity to chemicals. "I’m allergic to BPA now and glyphosate, which is used in pretty much every produce product."

33:15: Tammy describes the support and feedback from others during her journey. "Any relationship, friendship, or anything else that didn’t serve me, I got rid of them. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to say, ‘I have breast plant illness,’ and then make the decision to remove them. Because the people around her will view her differently."

39:45: Tammy shares the struggles she’s faced while trying to heal and how her religion helped her get through them.

42:00: Tammy promotes being true to oneself, especially when going through this difficult process and not getting the social support they’d want. "Stay true to yourself."

47:00: Tammy shares advice that she hopes will help others who are going through similar experiences. "Whatever you decide to do is going to be the best decision for you. The people in your life will either embrace and support you, or they won’t. But it’s better to know now."

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