High Humidity Is A Sneaky Driver Of Mold Growth: 10 Ways To Avoid It

Michael Rubino

June 22

Maintaining the proper humidity is an integral piece of the puzzle to ensuring your home is a safe indoor environment. These steps can help maintain the ideal levels indoors.

When you think about creating a healthy home, indoor air quality is hopefully at the top of the priority list. And there's one issue that factors into air quality but often gets overlooked in the home health equation: humidity.

When's the last time you thought, "Huh, I wonder what the moisture content in my home's air is?" That being said, maintaining the right humidity level is key for ensuring your home has a safe indoor environment free of mold. Summer is a particularly difficult time of the year to keep humidity in balance because of the high humidity levels outdoors.

Here's how to maintain proper humidity at home this season and beyond to make sure contaminants like mold don't bog down your warm-weather fun.

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