Five Ways to Prevent Mold in the Kitchen

Michael Rubino

March 21

Even for those who hate cooking, kitchens are happy places within the home. They’re the places we go hunting down a midnight snack, make lunch for the family, and let’s not forget, the keeper of that beautiful coffee machine. We’re not the only ones in love with these indoor spaces, though. Mold, that fungus among us, loves these rooms as well, and there just so happens to be a million and one places for it to sneakily start growing.

With its ability to impact our health from prolonged exposure, knowing where to look for mold and how to prevent it from growing in the first place are phenomenal ways to help make sure the hearts of our homes remain safe and healthy spaces.

The Health Impact of Mold at Home

There’s a common misconception that since mold is everywhere, exposure to this indoor contaminant isn’t a big deal. Yes, it’s true that the average individual will encounter a few moldy particles throughout the day while driving to pick up the kids from school or walking into work. With so many species and the ability for spores to zip anywhere, it’s an impossible encounter to avoid. However, experiencing indoor mold growth isn’t quite the same as encountering mold in nature.

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