Dr. Ashley Beckham’s Personal and Professional Battle with Mold

Michael Rubino

April 29

In this interview, Dr. Ashley Beckham discusses her personal and professional journey with mold exposure after moving into a new home where early signs were initially overlooked. She shares how her health issues led to the discovery of high mold levels in her home and body, influencing her career to focus on environmental health. Dr. Beckham emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the root causes of mold for overall health, and advocates for increased awareness and systemic changes in the health industry to better address environmental toxins.

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In this episode: 

Initial Exposure and Misdiagnosis: 00:00:00 - 00:06:00

Dr. Ashley discusses her initial encounter with mold after moving into a beautiful new home and how a sudden ceiling collapse was an early, overlooked sign of moisture issues.

Deepening Health Issues and Investigation: 00:06:01 - 00:12:00

She describes the onset of severe health symptoms that led her to utilize her professional expertise to run comprehensive tests for mold, Lyme disease, and other toxins.

Diagnosis and Connection to Professional Work: 00:12:01 - 00:18:00

The discovery of high levels of mold in her body and home prompts a deeper investigation, paralleling the experiences of her clients and influencing her professional focus on environmental health.

Understanding and Responding to Mold Exposure: 00:18:01 - 00:24:00

Dr. Ashley details her response to finding mold in her home, including the challenges of remediating a visually perfect but internally compromised environment.

Educational Journey and Advocacy: 00:24:01 - 00:30:00

She discusses how her personal experience with mold led her to deepen her professional expertise in environmental health, particularly focusing on educating others about the risks and solutions.

Expanding Professional Focus and Outreach: 00:30:01 - 00:36:00

Dr. Ashley talks about the impact of her experiences on expanding her professional services to include more comprehensive environmental assessments and treatments.

Reflections on Health Industry and Mold Awareness: 00:36:01 - 00:42:00

She reflects on the need for greater awareness within the health industry regarding mold and environmental toxins, advocating for systemic changes to address these issues more effectively.

Closing Thoughts and Future Directions: 00:42:01 - 00:54:24

The conversation concludes with Dr. Ashley sharing her hopes for future advancements in environmental health awareness and her continued commitment to helping others understand and combat mold exposure.

Dr. Ashley Beckham’s Takeaway Message:

"Educate yourself about the potential health impacts of your environment, especially hidden threats like mold. Understanding and addressing these issues is crucial for long-term health and wellness."

Find Ashley here:

Website: https://drashley.com/

Instagram: @drashleybeckman