Do At-Home Mold Testing Kits Really Work?

Michael Rubino

October 19

With so many mold testing kits out there, knowing which type will work and invest in can be confusing. Here's what you should know.

“Home environments are a big part of health care,” says Michael Rubino, mold and air quality expert and president of Change the Air Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to improve indoor air quality for people nationwide. “The dust floating around in the air that we breathe can harbor mold and toxins that place extra stress on our bodies, especially our immune system,” he says.

Rubino says that about 75 percent of the homes he inspects have significant mold or bacteria contamination, often due to a water leak. If your health is suffering from unknown causes and you suspect it’s due to mold growth, working with a physician and testing your home can help determine whether this is the case.

If you have an energy-efficient home, HVAC filtration system, or water damage, you are more likely to have mold contamination, Rubino says. Here’s why:

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