The Science Of Mold

Michael Rubino

June 30

Michael and Scarlett talk mold on a high level. They discussed the science of mold, how to protect your home from mold, the impact of mold on health, genetic susceptibility to mold, how to tell if you have mold in your home and much more.


  • When we started having this growing awareness around the impact of Mold & health as a society.
  • Michael’s journey foray into Mold Remediation, and his experience remediating homes during and after Hurricane Sandy
  • The Honda versus Mercedes in the world of Mold Remediation, and how there are no strict regulations when it comes to the standards of remediating homes.
  • How the HLA-DR gene impacts your ability to detox toxins, including Mold toxins from the body. This gene currently is estimated to impact over 25% of the population in the US.
  • How Mold causes inflammation in the body
  • Are we seeing an issue with our modern building practices that may be causing also more greater issue when it comes to mould? And also how it might look like when it comes to apartments?
  • Looking for apartments in Hong Kong, I was trying to look for ones that were more new. Am I right to say that? Just because it’s new does not mean I’m necessarily safe from mould.
  • Michael’s favorite HVAC filtering system that can filter out particles as small as seven nanometers.
  • How can I tell that there’s mould without say necessarily first doing testing? How can we tell there’s mould in the property?
  • If we find that there is mould in the property, what should we be looking for in a remediator?
  • How to clean clothing that has been exposed to Mold
  • Are there being certain protocols that you have seen people have success with that we could share with the audience after Mold Exposure?
  • Mold & how it impacts the gut
  • How EMF exposure has been shown to increase Mold growth

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About Scarlett Adele Chen:
Scarlett is the founder of Wellness Journey. She is also the Founder and Director of Adele Studio in Melbourne, Australia. Having grown up straddled between two cultures with deep roots and affections for both, she works to  help others navigate the large expanse between the East and the West. 

About Michael Rubino
Michael Rubino, Author of The Mold Medic: An Expert's Guide on Mold Removal, is the authority on mold remediation. As President of HomeCleanse, Rubino specializes in working with people who are immunocompromised or have acute and sustained reactions to mold exposure. Rubino provides solutions that not only get rid of mold sources, but also get rid of the contamination created by those mold sources using his proprietary “Home Detox” method. He is a council certified Mold Remediator by IICRC and ACAC and a contributing member, sponsor, and speaker for the Indoor Air Quality Association.