Climate Change and What We Can Do To Breathe Better

Michael Rubino

February 26

Climate change is a contentious topic. There’s no getting around it. There are millions of opinions on what actions should be taken to mitigate the effects, who’s responsible for getting these tasks completed, timelines for when they need to be accomplished, how bad the climate events will actually be… The list goes on. What we do know is that whatever happens, whenever it happens, and however it happens, the health of those around the world will be impacted. The majority of discussions surrounding this health impact involve factors such as outdoor air pollution and catastrophic water events, but what about the environment right inside our own homes? It’s a topic that rarely, if ever, gets brought up, yet it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle in creating action plans regarding climate change and society’s future health.

Indoor Air Quality And Health

We breathe an average of 20,000 breaths per day. When we think of climate change, we often consider the degradation of the atmosphere compounded by outdoor pollution levels and how that impacts our health as we breathe in the toxic air. All of that is incredibly important to consider, and actionable steps should be taken to remedy this situation. What many don’t consider, though, is where the majority of these 20,000 or so breaths are taken. Most of them, most likely, are taken inside our own homes, workplaces, or other types of structures.

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