Black Mold Survivor: Nicole’s Inspiring Health Journey

Michael Rubino

July 10

Nicole Ritter shares her harrowing experience of living in a mold-infested environment and its devastating impact on her health. She recounts her journey from constant sickness, anxiety, depression, and multiple health diagnoses to discovering the root cause – black mold. Together, they discuss the importance of air quality, the failures of the traditional medical system, and the power of functional medicine, detoxification, and holistic approaches to regain health and well-being. Don't miss this inspiring and informative episode about overcoming environmental toxins and reclaiming your life.

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Episode Highlights:

00:00 Introduction and Personal Health Struggles
00:39 Discovering the Impact of Mold
02:34 The Journey to Healing
04:11 Challenges with the Medical System
06:45 Functional Medicine and Personal Transformation
11:31 Family Health and Mold Awareness
15:34 The Complexity of Mold-Related Illnesses
23:28 Integrating Functional and Western Medicine
25:22 The Poop Problem: Why Constipation Matters
25:39 Integrative Medicine: Bridging the Gap
26:41 The Research Dilemma: Funding and Data Collection
30:48 Mental Health and Mold: A Hidden Connection
40:38 Personal Healing Journey: From Mold to Mindfulness
49:30 Final Thoughts and Advice

Connect with Nicole:

Nicole is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, FDN-P, Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Ritter Functional Health. She began her own health and wellness journey six years ago to find answers to her own health problems. She has been able to completely reverse her debilitating migraines, chronic sinus infections, depression, anxiety and hormone imbalances. She became a FDN-P and Holistic Nutritionist so she could help her clients find the root cause(s) of their health issues, address those root causes and THRIVE in life and in health.