Best Air Conditioners of 2024, From Mini-Splits to Central HVAC Units

Michael Rubino

February 29

Air conditioners are a staple appliance to keep our homes cool when outdoor temperatures rise. Here's what to consider to ensure your unit is promoting healthy indoor air quality and not negatively impacting it.

As most of us are aware, the Earth continues to get warmer; summers are longer and hotter and likely to become even warmer. In most areas, keeping indoor spaces cool and comfortable requires the use of air conditioning. As well as keeping us cool, air conditioning, when installed and used correctly also helps mitigate ambient household air pollution.

To help end this worldwide health epidemic caused by poor air quality and toxic indoor environments, Michael Rubino, a mold and air quality expert and environmental wellness advocate founded a company called HomeCleanse. I consulted him, as well as Traci Fournier, VP of Operations at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Glenn Wiseman, RASDT, RHDT, at Top Hat Home Comfort Services about all things air conditioning to put together this guide for choosing the best window air conditioner, central HVAC unit, mini-split or portable model for a range of individual needs and spaces.


Cooling capability/size

“When units are oversized or undersized, they can lead to severe complications such as high humidity, temperature swings that create condensation, and poor airflow,” said Rubino. For central systems, this can even compromise the pressure of the building, creating a negative interior pressure that pulls in moisture from the outdoors, he explained.

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