8 Signs There May Be Mold and Mildew in Your House

Michael Rubino

October 26

Know what signs to look out for that point to a contamination issue like microbial growth can help spot an issue indoors quickly. This is key because the faster an issue is discovered, the sooner steps can be taken to remedy the issue and decontaminate the space.

Mold—the dreaded “M” word that no one wants to hear (or see, or smell, etc.). The presence of mold can stop a home sale in its tracks or lead to some major homebuyer regret later on. And if you’re living in a home with mold, you’re probably wondering how it’s adversely affecting you and your family’s health—and how much it’s going to cost to remove it. But, mold can be sneaky, making it hard to find if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

“Mold growth typically occurs in out-of-sight wall cavities as a result of water damage from flooding or leaks,” explains Darren Hudema, director of training and technical services at PuroClean, which provides mold and water damage remediation services. “Before you know it, mold creates a toxic environment in your home, compromising the quality of the air you are breathing in every day.”

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