6 Kitchen-Cleaning Mistakes That Could Put Your Health at Risk

Michael Rubino

March 1

Cleaning the kitchen seems like a constant battle. The last thing anyone wants to do is waste time and effort cleaning only to leave harmful particles behind. Here are tips to ensure your kitchen is a safe and clean space. 

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home. It's where people tend to congregate during parties (no matter how cramped it is), and it's likely where you spend a good chunk of your day—whether you're filling up your water bottle, staring into the fridge looking for a satisfying snack, or making dinner. Because it gets used so much, it makes sense that your kitchen is probably also the room you spend the most time cleaning. That's why it's important to avoid a few common kitchen-cleaning mistakes that experts say could endanger your health.

Read on to find out what cleaning professionals say you could be doing wrong when you're cleaning your kitchen—and what you should be doing instead.

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