13 Signs of Mold in the House to Keep an Eye On

Michael Rubino

January 21

Knowing what signs to look out for when it comes to mold can help you find issues faster and address them quickly and correctly to reduce unwanted exposure and promote healthier indoor air quality.

Mold: That dreaded "M" word no one wants to hear (see or smell). The presence of mold can stop a home sale or lead to major homebuyer regret. And if you're living in a home with mold, you're probably wondering how it's adversely affecting you and your family's health—and how much it will cost to remove it.

But mold can be sneaky, making it hard to find if you don't know exactly what to evaluate. Here, home and mold experts share the typical signs of mold in the house to help you identify if there's an issue. Plus, learn the difference between mold and mildew and how they happen in the first place.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a fungal growth, not bacteria. It's a natural part of the environment and reproduces by spreading spores in the air—indoors and outdoors. When outdoors, mold helps break down dead organic material (like fallen leaves), but indoors, mold can become problematic and cause health problems for your family. Let's look into what causes mold and where it typically grows.

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